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I want to find a program that I can have external clients upload/download files via http URL web.

I want to make this as easy for them as possible without using any ftp clients such as WinSCP.

I would like them to type in a URL in their browser, and login and they would be able to upload files or download files.
Basically this would be web based front end.

Can any recommend any programs.
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So setting up an FTP and instructing your clients to use it through a browser / explorer wouldn't do it?
Google Drive works great for my team.

I know a friend who runs a medium size business uses dropbox.


Can you set user permissions on dropbox, if I want to send a file or share a folder, can I set permissions on it for specific users?

I do not use Dropbox, but on Google Drive you can set permissions like read only, read and comment, or read and write.

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