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Can someone please tell me how to insert a page break formula on change of a field (Products.Category) in Crystal Reports 2011?

When I attempt to insert a page break on Group Footer I then lose my totals and they appear only on the last page.
I need my totals to appear before the page break kicks in.

Thank you.
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Do you have a group on Products.Category?  If you want a page break after that group footer, it seems like all you'd need is "New Page After" for that footer in the Section Expert.  If that doesn't work, maybe you should provide some more info about your report structure, or post the actual report (.rpt) file, so that we can see the structure for ourselves.

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How are the totals calculated?



Yes I have a Group on Products.Category.
New Page After doesn't group them together.
The totals are calculated by in Report Footer via Insert > Summary > Sum.
Attached is the report saved with data.

Thank you.
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OK, as I understand it, you have totals in the report footer, and when you use "new page after" in the group footer, the report footer gets pushed to a separate page, and you don't want that.

 If that's the case, go into the Section Expert for that group footer, uncheck "New page after", click the formula (X+2) button beside "New page after" and enter

not OnLastRecord

 Then the report should go to a new page after that section, except when it's the last record in the report, so you don't get the forced page break before the report footer.



I've tried that but it doesn't work ...
Are you able to try on my rpt file so you can see?
Was I correct about what you're trying to do (page break after the group, except for the last group on the report)?

 I didn't see the saved data in your report, maybe because I'm using an older version of CR.

 Products.Category is actually the 4th group on your report, meaning that the other 3 group footers will come out after that one.  If you're trying to use "new page after" in GF4, you would, of course, need to make sure that you don't use it in the other group footers.



I have a Group set on Products.Category.
I want a page break on change of this.
If using 'not OnLastRecord' on GF4 (Products.Category Group) I don't get what I want. It's not page breaking on change of Products.Category.
When I do use 'not OnLastRecord' then the totals only appear on the last page.
I need the totals to appear on each Product.Group before the break page kicks in.
I think I have worked it out ...
I needed to make Products.Category Group Footer 1. (Re-sort it)
Then I needed to insert new totals (using Insert > Summary > Sum) into this new Group.

Seems to be working now.
Yeah, that sounds more like what you were trying to describe.  I could only assume that your groups were correct and you wanted the totals in the report footer, but it didn't seem to fit some of the things you said.



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