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user profile error

I have a weird issue, when a user logs on they get below error message

the user profile sercice failed the logon

User profile cannot be loaded

I checked on server and its creating blank profile

Few weeks ago we had to restore the server, so the profiles folder on server was one of the folders that was restored.

My suspicion is its lost its security settings but i am not sure what it should be.

This only happens when we reset there profile. For example if i was to rename a users profile from username to username.old then ask him to log on, he will get the above error message.

any ideas?

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Your default profile might be corrupted. You may want to try and copy the default user profile from another server..

Also, if you delete a profile, you should also delete it from the registry..

Log on with newly created administrative account.
Delete C:\Users\%username%
Delete C:\Users\TEMP
Delete the registry key matching your SID from
Check the value “ProfileImagePath” to see for what user is the SID for.

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I have this issue with ALL users staff and students and any PC in school. as long as i dont reset profile it will be fine but soon as i do, they can log on to any pc they will get above message. do i still need to do above ? as i canbe years doing that for all pc, i initially thought it must be server issue as its all users and all pc
So users are having profile issues when they logon to the server right?

When they logon locally to their machines they don't have issues?

If that's the case, the server is the culprit here. I would try to copy the default user profile from another server and see if users will be able to login without profile issues.

What do you mean by reseting their profile?
Nope issues when they log on to desktop but can be any machine, but only after i rename their profgile to old in hope to create a new one.

If i have not reset the profile then they have no issues loggin in anywhere

But soon as i reset, they get same issues on any desktops. they dont have server acces
after renaming the profile in AD, on the Profile tab where it has their username in profile path, replace that with %username%

eg. \\nas03\235200\profile\cflynn

set \\nas03\235200\profile\%username%

then apply, and ok the dialog and try having the user log in.
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it just fixed it self the next day without any input