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Data Transformation (ETL) with SymmetricDS

I need help getting a transformation going using SymmetricDS.

I have a SQL Server database containing several tables, and a MySQL database with similar tables - same names, same columns. I have configured the synchronisation of data between these successfully by creating triggers and trigger-routers.

I now want to do the simplest of transforms - a table in SQL Server to a MySQL table with the same columns, but a different name.

I can't see any error messages anywhere in the logs on either side, but no data is moving from MSSQL to MySQL.

Config is as follows:
trigger_id source_catalog_name source_schema_name source_table_name channel_id reload_channel_id sync_on_update sync_on_insert sync_on_delete sync_on_incoming_batch name_for_update_trigger name_for_insert_trigger name_for_delete_trigger sync_on_update_condition sync_on_insert_condition sync_on_delete_condition custom_on_update_text custom_on_insert_text custom_on_delete_text external_select tx_id_expression channel_expression excluded_column_names sync_key_names use_stream_lobs use_capture_lobs use_capture_old_data use_handle_key_updates create_time last_update_by last_update_time
ChevNet_AddressList NULL NULL AddressList ChevNet_Updates reload 1 1 1 1 NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL 0 0 1 0 2016-01-27 13:06:09 WilliamN 2016-01-27 13:06:09

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transform_id source_node_group_id target_node_group_id transform_point source_catalog_name source_schema_name source_table_name target_catalog_name target_schema_name target_table_name update_first update_action delete_action transform_order column_policy create_time last_update_by last_update_time
AddressList2ChevNet_AddressList ChevNet WordPress LOAD NULL NULL AddressList NULL NULL ChevNet_AddressList 1 UPD_ROW DEL_ROW 1 IMPLIED 2016-01-27 13:10:19 WilliamN 2016-01-27 13:10:19

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I would appreciate any assistance.
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Hi Mike,

No, I hadn't considered that. It would probably work.

This is a bit of a proof of concept exercise, though, so I really want to get the transform working. The end game would be more complex transforms, updating different columns in several MySQL tables from columns spread over several MSSQL tables.

Your idea would probably work for that as well.

I am a bit of a tidy freak, though, so I really wanted to give all the tables in MySQL which are derived from MSSQL a prefixed name to group them together in the schema - a bit of latent OCD I think, no real reason.
Good idea, I will probably use it.