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Data Transformation (ETL) with SymmetricDS

I need help getting a transformation going using SymmetricDS.

I have a SQL Server database containing several tables, and a MySQL database with similar tables - same names, same columns. I have configured the synchronisation of data between these successfully by creating triggers and trigger-routers.

I now want to do the simplest of transforms - a table in SQL Server to a MySQL table with the same columns, but a different name.

I can't see any error messages anywhere in the logs on either side, but no data is moving from MSSQL to MySQL.

Config is as follows:
trigger_id source_catalog_name source_schema_name source_table_name channel_id reload_channel_id sync_on_update sync_on_insert sync_on_delete sync_on_incoming_batch name_for_update_trigger name_for_insert_trigger name_for_delete_trigger sync_on_update_condition sync_on_insert_condition sync_on_delete_condition custom_on_update_text custom_on_insert_text custom_on_delete_text external_select tx_id_expression channel_expression excluded_column_names sync_key_names use_stream_lobs use_capture_lobs use_capture_old_data use_handle_key_updates create_time last_update_by last_update_time
ChevNet_AddressList NULL NULL AddressList ChevNet_Updates reload 1 1 1 1 NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL 0 0 1 0 2016-01-27 13:06:09 WilliamN 2016-01-27 13:06:09

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transform_id source_node_group_id target_node_group_id transform_point source_catalog_name source_schema_name source_table_name target_catalog_name target_schema_name target_table_name update_first update_action delete_action transform_order column_policy create_time last_update_by last_update_time
AddressList2ChevNet_AddressList ChevNet WordPress LOAD NULL NULL AddressList NULL NULL ChevNet_AddressList 1 UPD_ROW DEL_ROW 1 IMPLIED 2016-01-27 13:10:19 WilliamN 2016-01-27 13:10:19

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I would appreciate any assistance.
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