the display settings can't be changed from a remote session

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Hi experts

i have the same problem

and the Citrx guy said there is a tool to fix this but i dont know ho can i get such tool can you help me pls

This is a change introduced in Windows Server 2008. Users can't change their font sizes using the standard Windows option - it's locked down to admins, on the basis that it's a server wide setting. We Citrix \ terminal server people know of course that per user settings are needed (as it was in 2003!). This is the same in R2. We engaged Microsoft and developed a utility that allows users to change their font sizes. It basically imports in registry keys that set the font sizes, depending on what option they choose in the utility.

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Few things - firstly the tool wasn't developed by Citrix. It was developed with the help of Microsoft for one of the people posting in the forum.

Secondly on the second page there is a link to download it:

Finally, also on page two of the forum page you reference there is mention of a Microsoft hotfix:

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