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Script to detect restart and reboot automatically


I copied a couple powershell scripts online, but didn't work as usual. Another one was able to detect reboot pending but was not able to perform a reboot (shown below). So I just used it for the "pending reboot" and then created a list of servers out of that and used psshutdown -r @file.txt or For /f %%a in (servers.txt) do cmd /c shutdown -r -t 00

My question is if someone can add the piece that will force logoff even if users are logged on (see error I receive below) or just output the needs reboot portion into servers.txt so I can use it with psshutdown?

Here is the code

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# Filename:  CheckForPendingReboot.ps1
# Description: Imports a list of computers from a text file and then checks each of the
#    computers for the RebootPending registry key. If the key is present,
#    the script restarts the computer upon confirmation from the user.
# Assumes the existence of a file called 'Servers.txt' in the same directory, populated with
# the NETBIOS names of a list of computers, each on a new line.

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$computernames = gc Servers.txt

 foreach ($computername in $computernames)
 $baseKey = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey("LocalMachine",$computername)
 $key = $baseKey.OpenSubKey("Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\")
 $subkeys = $key.GetSubKeyNames()

 If ($subkeys | Where {$_ -eq "RebootPending"})
  Write-Host "There is a pending reboot for" $computername
  Restart-Computer -ComputerName $computername -confirm
  Write-Host "No reboot is pending for" $computername

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Here are the errors

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"The system shutdown cannot be initiated because there are other users logged onto the computer"
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