Dell Perc6i Problem

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I was having a problem with one of my network adapters on a Dell Poweredge 2950 so my supplier shipped me a replacement motherboard.  On installing that motherboard I now get this error:
RAID Adapter

Memory Error !!!

Please check the SDRAM Connection

I have reseated the RAID card and the memory.  I even went to the extreme step of putting the old motherboard back in the machine, but that did not solve the problem either.  

Any ideas?
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and it was working fine before?

Check the link and last comment:

looks very similar to your problem

what type of raid controller is it? Perc?


It is a Perc 6i.  

I replaced the motherboard on the machine this morning and after booting up that is what it said.  It also did it, though, when I put the old motherboard back in it.
then the memory on the PERC6 is defective

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