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what's the right way to search for an old email across users on an sbs 2011 standard box

we're running sbs 2011 standard.  used to be on sbs 2003, but we moved to 2011 a few years ago.

people are looking to find some old emails (back around 2009?).  1 guy that had sent some of the emails of interest knows he sent them from his AOL account but might have sent to people in the organization.

we checked AOL and it doesn't go back that far?

Anyway what's the right way to search / view the exchange store on the SBS server for old emails that might be in deleted or other folders?

And sorry, I know just enough to be dangerous.  Isn't there a setting to control how long things are recoverable from the deleted items folder? I'd like to bump that up (if we haven't already).    At that point, setting a really high number of days, that's what journaling is, right?

And from old computers that got retired, we somehow have some PSTs for old employees.  (not OSTs).  Any fancier way to look at / search them than opening them in outlook on a desktop?  Not supposed to run outlook on the exchange box, right? (or was that for 2003?)

thank you
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