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Since my websites are growing so quickly I have to move to a new hoster. I've been a network administrator 8 years ago but I'm extremely rusty.
At first I build a Linux server without control panel and everything worked perfect. Since it was a bit to much setting up every vhost by hand I setup CWP. This was even more work since most services are outdated. So I bought a cPanel license.
Everything works perfect except e-mail.
I can receive e-mail, but if I send an e-mail it doesn't deliver. If I look at the logs it clearly says delivered. For example to Hotmail:
Delivery Host:
Delivery IP:
Size:      576 bytes
Result:      Accepted

I think I made a mistake in the DNS records but I can't put my finger on it. I worked over 90 hours almost non-stop so I'm fuzzy.  My domains are hosted somewhere else and all the IP-addresses are pointing to the new server.
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It's been a while for me as well but hopefully this helps.  At your domain registrar, do you have an MX entry for your mail host?  There should be an A record, MX record, and PTR record for the mail server at the registrar.

Using the example above:

A record =

PTR record = is
So I think it is like this: (may be windows only, not sure on Linux)

MX record:
server = (period at end is needed)
MX level = 10
TTL = 1800 or 3600

Nowadays though usually the above entries should point to a spam filtering appliance which would in turn forward filtered email to the mail server itself.


Thanks for the answer bigeven2002. I found the problem (dns wasn't fully up and running yet). So e-mail was blocked. 24 hours later without any changes everything works..
OK great!  Glad you got it working.

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