How many characters can a 2012 ad domain contain

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I'm setting up a 2012r2 Windows essentials server for a small business. The domain they use for their website and email is sow when I setup the server I'd like the domain to be abcdefghlaw.
I'm pretty sure there is a fifteen character limitation.
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You are correct

"Additional Name Length Limitations
There are additional limitations regarding name lengths in Active Directory. The following limits are described in article 909264 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (
NetBIOS computer and domain names are limited to 15 characters.

Domain Name System (DNS) host names are limited to 24 characters.

OU names are limited to 64 characters."


Thanks for your help

Glad to help!
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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For the love of all things good, don't do that to yourself or your client.  MINIMIZE the NetBIOS domain name.  There can be many instances where you need to enter the domain name and having to type in blahblahblahblah\jsmith is such a huge pain!

Abbreviate - use 2-4 characters.  The DNS domain can be whatever you want, but keep the NetBIOS domain name SHORT and SWEET!

Very good comment Lee
Tottaly agreed

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