Error posting a packing slip in AX 2012.

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We are getting the following error attached when posting the packing slip. (see attached file 'error.png')

I have ensured the underdelivery in the following areas is set to 100% for the item in question:
- on the released products, sell fasttab (see attached file 'error-1.png')
- on each sales order line on the 'delivery' tab under line details. (see attached file 'error-2.png')

Can anyone please advise?
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I might be able to help, I am assuming the line is a configured product, what version of AX? Was the config done in product builder or standard item configuration.

Do they allow under delivery as standard?  it is usually over delivery which is the issue. Have they tried turning off the under deliver parameter?


The version of AX is 2012 R2 retail and the item has been configured using the released products under product information management.
you seem to have done the usual on the sales order line to bypass the error, can the customer please try the following:

1.      Sometimes you need to put more than the percentage shown the info log error message on the sales order line override, try putting in 100 or 200%.


2      Ask the customer check that this is the first quantity delivered on the sales order line, click on the general tab then postings first to check any deliveries and then Line quantity to check the delivered quantity does not contain anything.


3.      If this is the first quantity they are trying to deliver then have them check that the delivery remainder quantity equals the original order quantity and they are not trying to deliver more than is in the delivery remaining quantity.


4.      If not has someone reduced the delivery remainder quantity?  ask the customer to check by clicking on the update line button on the sales order line and selecting Delivery remainder

Check the delivery remainder is not zero or less that the customer is trying to deliver.

5.      As a last measure disable the accept under delivery check in Sales Ledger > setup > sales ledger parameters on the updates tab

To do this untick the box if it is ticked, this will disable the check for all sales order lines not just the one you are trying to deliver.

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If we check the 'Accept under-delivery' option in Accounts receivable parameters, will this basically allow us to under-delivery any sales order line on any order? We do often have sales order lines which we part release and pick/pack due to the customer only requiring certain quantities of a particular line at a particular time. We would however want to deliver the remainder at a later date.
Will changing this parameter affect anything else.
You would normally set the parameters to “accept under / over delivery”.

You then control the % on each item (released products) as to how much that item can be under / over delivered.

If you then need to refine it on a sales order, you then change the sales order line (delivery tab) to allow a % on that order only.

Suggested setup

Sales parameters – Check under / over delivery
Released products – set the under / over delivery to a % that they are happy to allow on any sales order
Sales order – change the under / over delivery on specific orders for finer management


OK, We currently have the 'Accept underdeivery' un-ticked under the Accounts receivable parameters.

If we want to allow underdelivery on any item and any sales order, what is the most efficient set up to achieve this?
“Accept under delivery” in Accounts Receivable parameters checked

Set “under delivery” to 100% on all items (released products), can you use X++ and write a very quick job to do this for you.


If we leave it unchecked, does this mean that the system will not allow for underdelivery on any item on any sales order?


I think i have maybe found what could be causing the problem. Please see image attached. The Quantity on some lines are 1 and the picked qty is 1 and also the deliver remainder is  1. Do you think this could be causing the error?

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