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Essencials experience and exchange 2013 not playing nice

I have 2 domains coming to a single ip address. I use one for exchange and one for essentials.
       exchange 2013 is running  on 1 vm with a split dns record and a url rewrite entry for the domain for ports 80 and 443
       Another vm with the DC running essentials experience.

My router forwards 80 and 443 and most other ports to the exchange server

When I try to reach 2012 R2 Essentials Remote Web Access  I can log in, the email app works but when I try to remote to a device nothing happens. No popup or any message.

If I point 80 and 443 to the DC with essentials experience the device access works fine but no webmail.
If I also add a rewrite to the DC for exchange VM the webmail comes up, sends and receives but, no contact info and it wont display any of the email contents except the first entry displayed when I login. If you highlight another message the display window shows "Error currently unavailable."

How do I fix this?
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