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I have two SGE2000P switches.  We just got a new VoIP system.  I need to setup QoS on the switches.  I have never done QoS before.  The phones are on vlan 30, production data is on vlan 10, public data is on vlan 20.  Most ports are doing 30 Tagged, 10 (or 20) Untagged.  What do I do?  Here is a screen shot of the switch
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Well, the basic idea is to give voice packets priority. There's a few ways to do that, depending on the phone system and the switches.
- You have a separate vlan for voice. That's good. Check if the switch supports designating a vlan as voice, if it does, happy days.
- Does/how does the phone system tag packets? In the vlan tag (COS), in the IP header (DSCP) or possibly both? Check the phone configs/manual for this. Whichever is marked, enable QoS based on that (so either COS or DSCP). In most cases, the default setup is fine, no need to define several priority queues, just voice and everythingelse.

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