how to , in a MAC accede to the FTP folder

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I am developing a database application using LIVECODE and it is working as expected. I am accessing a MySQL database and now I need to upgrade the functionality to include the upload/download of many types of documents.

I think that the best design option is to use FTP to the server where the database is hosted, but keeping the files separated and on in the records as BLOBs  (maybe this is questionable and I do welcome all comments on this).

Anyway, to be able to test the application I use a local instance of MySQL (and a remote one as well), and I reckon that I should use local FTP to be consistent across all filesystems - it is transparent if it is local or remote.)

I am using a MAC OS/X (el capitan) and, googling, I found that OS X comes with free FTP, so I activated it. But now I have a question: WHERE are the ftp root folder in my MAC? can I move it to a specific place (I want to manually populate it with some files, so I can test my code)
Should I use another FTP?

The livecode statement fr uploading is:

put URL "" \
    into URL "binfile:/myFolder/NewFileName.txt"

as from this example, what I do not know is WHERE the folder "ClassSpace" would be???

I really appreciate all help as I am a bit stuck  on this

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Take a look at  You can ftp, sftp etc from any folder you want. It may be a bit easier and I used to use it on my mac.

I took some time... I have bought Cyberduck (not much - 23€) and installed it. But I can't find on the documentation how it may generate/operate an FTP site... It looks that it is a client, not a server.

As such, how can I do?
kindest regards
Cyberduck is only 23€ from the Appstore.  It's donationware and you could have just downloaded the zip file and unzipped it.  It is only a GUI client for FTP and SSH, not a server.

The FTP server is built-in on the Mac.  You only have to enable it, but be aware that it's unencrypted, so you should monitor access.

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