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Where do I enable IMAP for my iCloud account?


When I first setup and logged into my iCloud account on my iPad it came up with a message for a few seconds and mentioned something about that I had to "click here" to enable IMAP for my iCloud account so that other apps (Outlook etc.) would be allowed to pull down e-mail from my iCloud account via IMAP. This message went away (cannot exactly remember if I took too long to click on it or clicked on something else) but I cannot find this setting again (even wiped my iPad, logged into iCloud again, switched off and on iCloud e-mail with no luck).

When I try and login to my iCloud account from my Android phone and Outlook it rejects my login details in both instances. I am 100% sure that I am using the correct username and password as I've followed about 15 different guidelines from Google results but it just keeps on rejecting my login details (this seems to be "" coming back with a message that my login info. is incorrect).

So my guess is that it's got something to do with the fact that IMAP is not enabled for my iCloud account (same is how one would first have to enable POP3 or IMAP on your Google Account before it would allow apps to pop the mail for your GMAIL Account).

Any one knows where one would go to enable IMAP for the iCloud account or if there's another trick with this....?

Thanks a lot.

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Eoin OSullivan
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You are not correct.  IMAP is always enabled by iCloud .. you cannot turn it on or off.
What you CAN CONTROL is when setting up the mail account on any mail program such as Apple Mail or Outlook you can choose to connect to the POP or IMAP service on iCloud.
Please check that the server, PORT and SSL are enabled as indicated below

The IMAP settings for iCloud are
Username :
Password :
Port: 993

The outgoing SMTP
Username & Password as above
Port: 587
Use SSL = Yes
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Hi eoinosullivan,

I've tried both / and / Server combinations but Outlook (and other apps like mail on my Android) keeps on popping up for the username & password.

I am 100% sure of my username and password, I also tried the username as the first part of my iCloud e-mail address (everything before the @) as well as the full e-mail address ( but with no avail...

There must be another trick to this, I've even reset my iCloud account password with no luck either.

Another things (which might help solve the problem), my Apple ID is my gmail e-mail address, then when I enabled mail on my iPad it asked me to choose an e-mail address, so I chose and it created it. So my Apple ID and iCloud e-mail address / username seems to be different, but their password seems to  be linked, if I reset my icloud account password it also resets my Apple ID password to the same password, is this correct / normal ?

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Eoin OSullivan
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Reinhard.  Can you post a message on what value/setting you fixed?
Was it a PORT setting or an authentication setting?
Hi eoinosullivan,

I did as you said and made sure my account was working (I can successfully login to and check my e-mail there, I can also get e-mail on my iPad). So this confirms that there's nothing wrong with my iCloud e-mail account.

I could still not get e-mail in Outlook and other applications by means of the IMAP protocol, so as a test I created a new iCloud account and it worked the first time.

I then called Apple support (telephonically) and explained the entire situation to them, they said that there's a known issue between Microsoft Outlook and the iCloud e-mail accounts (both with IMAP and SMTP) and both parties are working on it, and due to my iCloud account working on my iPad and on they could not assist further at this point in time.

Long story short is: On my original Apple ID I had e-mail turned off, so my Apple ID is not my iCloud e-mail address, and I only enabled e-mail a long time after the original Apple ID was created a few years ago. With this method it seems like there's an issue with authentication to the Apple IMAP and SMTP Servers, but if one creates a new Apple ID and immediately turn on iCloud e-mail then the Apple ID username and iCloud e-mail address is the same, and for some reason then it works fine to use Outlook and other 3rd party apps to get the e-mail via IMAP and send via SMTP.