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BPDUFilter and BPDUGuard

on the Diagram below, SW1 is by default the Root Bridge

I connected R2 to SW2 e2/2, and configured it so that it will act as a switch :
On R2 I configured at the global level :
bridge 1 protocol ieee
and at the interface e0/0, I configured:
interface Ethernet0/0
  bridge-group 1

R2 became the RB
and SW1 lost RB..

Now If I configure SW2 e2/2 connecting to R2 either with BPDUFIlter (it will stop sending/receiving BPDUs) or BPDUGuard (it disables STP)
R2 will stay as Root Bridge as well as SW1
However I am not sure in this case if this creates a loop, since SW2 e2/2 does not send/receive BPDUs.

any expert to explain how to confirm that there is or there is no loop created in this scenario ?

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