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XP Install woes

I'm nursing an ancient XP machine that i would love to get few more years out of as is, but the OS has been getting very ropey, so I thought I might download the latest XP install disk, and upgrade the existing XP home.
So I get an XP Pro SP3 download iso, but when i run the install, I don't get the upgrade/repair option, I just get 'new or existing partition' I choose 'existing' (obviously i don't want to format the disk, I'm trying to preserve my ancient apps).
I can still boot into the ropey Home edition, and i can see two Windows folders Windows + Windows.0
I was hoping for a registry repair and my old apps working in the new version, but if i boot into the new OS, nothing's been imported from the registry, and i can't access the Control Panel/add remove programs....is there a 'Repair OS and keep your old apps' option with XP?
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