How do I forward the DNS settings from my domeinseller

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I want to host my own DNS in Cpanel WHM.

If I create a subdomain I have to add the domain manualy at my domain seller page. I want to forward everthing to my own dns-server in cpanel will do this automaticly.

How can I manage this? If I change the nameserver I get a message that there are no name servers found. DNS kills me :'(
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You need to find out the NS (nameservers) of you hosting company that you have cpanel through.  Point you domain at their nameservers and then you can make the changes there in your cpanel.

If you are this unsure of how to work with DNS I highly recommend you let someone else do the hosting for you.
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to Savone's point. What IPS will your DNS services by running under?
You have several options the simpler ones, you want to manage your own DNS?
You would need to use the registrar through whom you purchased/registered the domain and register these IPs/DNS name servers.
Once you have done that, you can alter the registration record to point to which resolve to the IPs referenced above.

if you solely want to have management control of your domain, and if the entity through whom you registered provides secondary DNS services, you could create the zone on your DNS server and configure REGISTRATION DNS servers as secondary to your IP, but make sure the provider's DNS servers are allowed to transfer the zone from you. Also note that if you set the SOA refresh, retry, expire to narrowly, and your servers becomes unrechable, after the expire time will be unrechable everywhere.

Please explain what your meaning of subdomains is?
Are you looking to create Subdomains for management IN NS someserver?

A completely separate Zone
will have its own records?

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