SBS 2011 standard - log is filled with loads of erro 10009 DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer [name] using any of the configured protocols

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There's a machine that is out in the field these days / hasn't been on our SBS 2011 network for months now (a year + maybe).

I'm getting loads of DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer x.x.x.x using any of the configured protocols errors in the event log.

some web pages for this say to delete the computer from AD. But it might be back at some point.  Is there a way to have dcom not try to communicate / stop logging these?

Or after x months, DCOM wants to talk to machines that aren't on the LAN?
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You are getting this errors on the SBS server for one or more computers?

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after 180 days it is probably tombstoned and even if brought back in it will not be able to authenticate.
david - really!?  what then? the laptop still thinks its part of the domain and the domain says no?  

still have to join the laptop to a workgroup then join back to the domain?
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and if it's tombstoned (the domain doesn't want it anymore), why woudl the server be wasting time trying to reach it
you have multiple questions on SBS2011, it's highly likely that there's a root cause, that's cascading if these are all the same server.
after looking this over again, I think David is probably right, you'll most likely need to log into the local admin on the laptop, and change it to a workgroup, then delte the account from the AD Users and Computers,  than rejoin the domain.

deleting the account from the AD should end the error in your logs,

this is probably just a coincidental error and "probably" not related to your other questions,
I uncommented the  localhost in the hosts file and deleted that machine.  I'll reboot later.

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