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Murray Brown
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I have a VM set up in VirtualBox. Is it possible to increase the hard disk space of the VM that us running?

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Not to my knowledge. Shut the VM down. Create a new virtual disk that is larger for the same VM, then boot it to a utility like CloneZilla to clone the first disk to the larger one. Then remove the old disk from the VM and again boot to a Utility like GParted to increase the size of the partition, provided CloneZilla or the tool you used didn't adjust the size.

Another method would be to use the "Export Appliance" option in the file menu of the VirtualBox Manager, then exporting the VM to a template, then use the "Import Appliance" option to create a new VM with a larger disk from that template.
HuaMin ChenProblem resolver
If you've selected "Dynamic" disk size to the VM, it will expand by itself. For "static" disk size, it is already fixed and could not be adjusted.
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Thanks very much
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vboxmanage modifyhd --resize 100G
vm should be powered off, then inside vm you must resize partitions and file systems.

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