Add apache module oboe and oboe_ps to Centos

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I have a Centos 6.7 final server running Plesk 12.5.3 Update 20 and am replicating information  from another (older) plesk installation. The main app i am replicating uses the Apache modules Oboe and Oboe_ps but they don't seem to be available anymore. I need to add these modules to my existing server - can i just copy the config files from the old server or is there a way to compile support?

Unfortunately the information about this project is in another persons head so i don't have much more than that to go on.
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I have no idea about this, but got an alert. My first reaction was, since I have no idea what Oboe is about, was to google around and I found this installation guide

I hope that can be of some help.


Thank you :)

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