SQL Server 2008 save to a file rpt with tab delimiter - Issue to open in excel

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I've tried all the settings found on internet to get my result in excel in separate column but I'm unable to make it works.
Tools > Options > Custom delimiter.
I tried with tab, I don't want that much with coma because I've comma in my textes.
I wonder if it's because I've several tables in the results.

Thanks for your help
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There is imho no other way than using the Text import wizard.
Jim HornSQL Server Data Dude
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Agree with the above, but two other options are..

1)  Create an SSIS package that executes the report's data source, formatting text columns with a " text delimenter (assuming there are no "s in your text columns), and export to .csv, which I'm guessing can be opened by Excel correctly.

<Vastly more complex>
1) Create an Excel 'template' file formatted how you want, with VBA code in the Startup (?) macro that formats data dumped into it exactly how you wish.
2) create an SSIS package that ...
   2a) Copies the 'template' file to a location SSIS will use as the destination
   2b) Executes the report's SP data source to the above Excel destination.
   2c)  Open the Excel file, which executes the Startup macro to format the data.
   2d) Close the Excel file.
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