Shell / Perl script to constantly comb a folder for new files & make copies of the new files

sunhux used Ask the Experts™

Refer to above EE link.  I have a similar requirement for RHEL 5/6 & Solaris as well, so
will need Shell / Perl scripts or any other solutions
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are you using qlemo's example, you can use a shell script that will use find -newer reference_file

if test ! -f "$Root_path/First_run" ; then
    cp -r "$Quarantine/*" "$Analysis"
    touch "$Root_path/First_run"
    touch "$Root_path/last_run"
find $Quarantine -newer "$Root_path/last_run" -exec cp {} "$Analysis/" \;
touch "$Root_path/last_run"

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the above will deal with copying the quarantined items to the analysis destination without verification if the same file was previously quarantined/analysed...

the encryption what software are you considering for this?


The encryption software is from an AV product called qdecrypt which
encrypts infected files to make them harmless.

Yes, I'm looking at Qlemo scripts but just posted an update: if only
Qlemo's script track for the last date/time the script last stop/went
down, that will be perfect
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You could add logging events that would write out to a file or a DB that the script ran, and finished......

In the above script echo $(date "%b-%d-%Y %H:%M:%s") started/stopped >> record_file

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Or is there something you could add to the script that
will detect an "exit" or the script being killed like
(in the days I was doing VMS DCL scripting):

on error perform ...
on fatal_error perform ...
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In a shell script you would use trap to detect signals and act accordingly.

You need to provide more context to the conditions, do not know VMS.
Adding logic to test conditions .....
nociSoftware Engineer
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then there is the incron deamon, which can act on events like creation of a new file in a directory etc.

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