How to add GUI scheduler to do cron jobs on an Amazon Linux server?

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hi guys,

I'm trying to find a way to add a GUI scheduler so that we can do cron jobs on our Amazon Linux server? Is there a way of doing this at all?

Thank you
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor
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How are you managing your server?

Webmin has a GUI crontab editor:
Kent WSr. Network / Systems Admin

Webmin has a "scheduled cron jobs" that is pretty easy to use.

I would suggest, though, using this method -

Crate a "cronfile" or whatever name you wish, to hold your cron job line itemes.
Assuming it's /root/cronfile

edit your cronfile text file and add the crontab syntax as you normally would using crontab -e

When done, save the file.

Flush cron
crontab -r

Import into cron using
crontab /root/cronfile

check that it's all there using
crontab -l

When you want to change, just open your cronfile file, change, save, then flush and re-import.
E-Z Peezy.


hi guys,

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

To answer the first question, I am basically running a linux amazon ec2 server. We're running Php and Apache on there and want to automate some PHP scripts. So, I'm assuming it can be done using the Webmin? So now I need to find out how to install Webmin on this instance and then run it to get the GUI.

Sr. Network / Systems Admin
Pretty simple process...Webmin has the specifics here -

I'm not sure which flavor you are running...for instance, with and RPM based *nix, you simply do wget (from within your linux instance):


Then, after the rpm downloads,

rpm -ivh webmin-1.780-1.noarch.rpm

The install will spit out instructions that you can then connect with your browser on port 10,000.

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