Error on poweredge 2950

brian ramdhan
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I just click x and it seems to be fine right now
Error on server
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RantCanSr. Systems Administrator
Do you have Dell OMSA installed on the server? That will show when these errors pop up and point to the specific DIMM that is misbehaving. For next steps, make sure your backups are good and plan to migrate to a new server ASAP. 2950 is an old workhorse; time for the pasture.
PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
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Open the server and reseat the memory. Clear the hardware logs, then run 32-bit Diagnostics (MP Memory) on the memory. You have a RAM stick(s) that need to be replaced. If you don't clear the  hardware logs first, the diags will fail based on a previous error entry in the log.

Clear the memory errors from the log directly from the diagnostics:

After booting to the diagnostics, hit "exit" (option 4?), then from the command prompt, try:

mpmemory –ptech -tlogclr

After determining which DIMM's are actually bad (if any), replace them.
Top Expert 2014
It's the PERC DIMM, not main RAM.

There's a photo of the PERC 5/i at and you can see the DIMM in that pic. Remove it and test again, it should give a different error and not boot.

The server may continue to work for months if not years, multi-bit ECC errors are logged in DIMMs SPD chip so could be from months ago and only reported at POST, you should really replace the cache DIMM though or you may get data corruption on disk when it flushes cache to the platters.
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PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
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Ah, sure enough :) Same basic concept though: try reseating. If errors persist, replace it.

If you replace it, make sure to replace it with a valid PERC DIMM part, as RAID controllers are very picky about their cache memory.
brian ramdhaniCT Technician


OK guys it fixed itself

They're WAS a power outage and know it is logging on strangely

But my main problem still remains

No computer on the wireless network is connecting to it

It only reaching as far as network authentication

I putting the correct credentials but nothing happens

Only the wired network connecting

I tried restarting the switch. The poe adapters for the waps but same problem!!!!

Any idea???
PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
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