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Is there a way to open up Windows XP Permissions "wide-open" so that anything can access everything?  (Like a recursive 777 on Linux)
We have a Windows PC (with XP on it) and IIS installed that we use to run a handful of old applications locally as localhost.
It is not connected to the internet, and only 1 person uses it.
Every time we make a change, or copy the Apps to another XP computer, we run into Windows Permissions issues, and have to go thru some process where we click on the Security Tab,  look for IUSR blah blah blah. Since we are a bit dumb on Windows, but these old applications are critically important to us, I was hoping for some relief other than convert the Appl.
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Since its XP, its running on IIS6.  In order for IIS to grant access to the content, the IUSR group needs at least read access to the files that make up the content/application.

The NTFS equivalent of 777 is the "everyone" group which amounts to all and any anonymous access.

Also, next time you need to migrate/copy the application to another device, use a copy utility that is capable of copying the NTFS permissions as well.

1. XCOPY :
2. Robocopy :


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