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export report from exchnage

Hello experts,

  i need to export report from exchange 2013   "message tracking"  for specific user  sent item from previous 6 month.

when i run this command
Get-MessageTrackingLog -Server  xxxxx -EventID SEND -Sender xxxxxxx -Start 12/03/2014  -End 02 /02/2016 | Select Timestamp, ClientIp, ClientHostname, ServerIp, ServerHostname,SourceContext, ConnectorId, Source, EventId, InternalMessageId, MessageId, {$_.Recipients}, {$_.RecipientStatus}, TotalBytes, RecipientCount, RelatedRecipientAddress, {$_.Reference}, MessageSubject, Sender, ReturnPath, MessageInfo | Export-CSV C:\Temp\SearchResults.csv

it give me the  the sent item for current month only ?

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