Deploying Print Queue effectively in a head Quarter for Follow me Print ?

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Can anyone here please propose and suggest me what options to apply and how to do it to deploy / distribute new Print Queue which is only available to a certain AD users in my company if it is listed in a particular AD Security group ?

The purpose is to allow people to print using the one and only authorized method of print using FollowMe print queue where the print job is help by 3rd party software which then allow people to release the print job by typing ID / swipe the employee card.

Single building Main office
same AD site
250 users
14 printers across different levels
1x print Server running as VM
1x AD Domain controller running as Global Catalog as well.
Each AD user account is associated with one person and each person has their own Employee ID
Workstation is varying from Old Desktop, Laptop running Win 7 up to Win 10, also Surface 3/4 Pro and Surfacebooks on Win 10

At the moment people can print anytime anywhere freely since they have ALL 14 printer queue mapped from the GPO login script to
new management mandates the printing must all be done through one FollowMe print queue only while all the existing print queue is unshared & unpublished through AD (this is easy as I can just disable the sharing).

What I'm still confused is what's the best way to delete all the Shared network print queue and how to distribute the FollowMe print queue only to particular AD security group only ?

Any help is appreciated.

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What 3rd party software are you using?
Are the printers all from the same manufacturer?

The usual way to deploy this is to set up a virtual print queue which can forward print jobs to any printer in the follow me group, and to set the print devices to release from that queue using embedded applications on the printers, or attached release devices.
The most common issue is that all of the printers need to work with the same driver. One solution is to use a generic Postscript driver, as long as all of the printers support Postscript.

Changing the printer queue distribution is managed via GP.


I'm using
9 printers are Sharp
5 printers are Lexmark

I've tried to use Sharp PS driver for Lexmark and it prints well.

The problem is how to remove the existing print queue in all of the users workstations after I Un-share the printer queue on the print server.

I assume that deploying the printer using the Group Policy, I can somehow select it for all members of particular AD security group only ?
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ok Will, is there any different between using the GPO/GPP vs. using Print Management Console to deploy the printers ?
just a different process, it acheives the same thing


Ok, last one.

Do you think is it better to deploy the PrintQueue using GPO via User Policy or Computer Policy ?

Because only User accounts that is in a specific AD Security group can print.
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