OWA 2010 Rules Disappearing

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I have a shared mailbox that users access through the standard Outlook desktop program, and the rules are controlled by the web access (OWA 2010). My issue is that the rules keep disappearing. The size of the mailbox is set to 256kb and I create 151 rules and that lasts 2-3 hours and gets reduced down to 81. any ideas? Thanks
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Jian An LimSolutions Architect
Top Expert 2016

just trying to think about the 256 kb, do you mean your rulesquota?

get-mailbox -identity <mailbox> | fl *rulesquota*

then the 2nd thing, is what kind of rules you creating? certain rules are client only, which those rules are only apply to the outlook, not to OWA.

151 rules seems a bit alot too (i reckon 100 is the maximum on the 256kb)

also what Outlook version you using?
you can try to use OWA only to eliminate whether a OUtlook try to undo those rules.

how many Domain controller you have?


get-mailbox username  | fl *RulesQuota*
Clark KentSoftware Engineer cum Blogger
Top Expert 2014

Hi ,
Similar thread has been discussed earlier, click here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28576973/Rules-created-in-OWA-are-disappearing.html


Hi Clark - Apologies, I did read through that but it got stuck on rules quota size which doesn't seem to be the issue. Happy to continue in that thread if that's preferred?

Hi Jian - Thanks but the quota size wasn't an issue previously. We had it on the default size (64k) and were running 151 rules. They are all simply recipient/sender rules:

After the message arrives and...a recipient address contains the words '@domain.COM' THEN move to folder and stop processing more rules on this message


After the message arrives and...a sender address contains the words '@domain.COM' THEN move to folder and stop processing more rules on this message

This was working until a few months ago. All were then created again yesterday at 10.30am, and at 1.30pm half were deleted and I was left with 81 rules.

The Outlook version to set the rules is only based on OWA 2010 - as in we don't have a physical machine controlling the account. It's then accessed by the team of 20 people as another mailbox on their machines and they're using Outlook 2010 or 2013.

Hope that helps.
Solutions Architect
Top Expert 2016

it will be very hard to troubleshoot such issue. but my recommendation is how to move forward

try to run get-inboxrule <mailbox> | measure
to see is there 81 rules or 151 rules?

if it is 151 (means correct number) then there is a problem on OWA
if it is 81 (means the current number) means you lost your rules

to move forward, recreate the rules and make backup using get-inboxrules, so you can rerun it using new-inboxrules.


Thanks Jian. Will give that a go. Syntax is throwing up errors but most probably user error!

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