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I am getting below error on one of DC's:

I have 350 dc's spread over various active directory sites.

I checked on this one dc , ran dcdiag,repadmin commands ,all looks good bit in AD REPORT comes below.

one or more DCs failed to respond through LDAP during the Active Directory Convergence test.
which gives the name of this PARTICULAR  DC.
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Dirk Mare
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Any other DNS or System errors or warnings?
Bad connections between sites?

Please can you post the complete event log error or warning.

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usually i said reboot that particular server as you have enough of replica to get back online.

that server might have a "brownout" and a reboot might just fix the issues.

of course, whatever the above said are correct. but my 2 minute gut is just reboot the server and see .
it might just work or turn bad then you just rebuild the AD again. (sometimes it is faster to rebuild AD then troubleshoot it)
start by checking connectivity. can you ping it or connect to it? does DNS resolve to the correct name?
Do you have any other DCs on the same site that you could check from, just to rule out connectivity/firewall issues?

have a look at the events on the DC in question. if it isn't happy it normally says so in system, application, directory service or FRS/DFS logs.
Windows firewall or any other firewall on these DC's? On one of the servers can you run the following please.

dcdiag.exe /e /f:"C:\dcdiag.txt" and analyse the detailed error report.

and can you check the DNS connectivity and try to run repadmin /kcc, and in the end try to reboot the server.