Cannot open in Windows 10 laptop

I have a situation that I need help with. Can someone please advise?

All of a sudden, one of my users cannot browse "". Neither in IE11 nor in Chrome. It says either "Page cannot be displayed" or "open ( eventually, that is also not working) . Any other websites are opening fine. All other users (on the same network) can open msn just fine.

Here are some information about the system:

- It's a Dell Laptop with Windows 10 Pro on it
- Kesperesky Antivirus is installed and other regular office software

Tried the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Turned off the Firewall and Kesperesky antivirus
2. Reset IE Settings / Deleted IE Cache etc..
3. Check for any Windows update
4. I can ping but just cannot open in browser

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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This sounds suspiciously like a browser hijack/DNS virus or trojan

When you ping, what is the IP address that comes back?
Byas_SahaAuthor Commented:
That is the same IP address I get, so that's may rule out DNS hijack.  Have you tried just "" without the "www" in the front?
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Try from another user account.
Eng. Nidal KamalInformation ConsultantCommented:
Good day,

Can you try to scan the laptop with a second opinion cloud anti-malware such as  , BTW the scan will not take much time?
Byas_SahaAuthor Commented:
@Nidal - Ran HitmanPro Anti-Malware from Surfright the 1st Run it found about 1200 cookies ..After Deleting them , restarted and ran the anti-malware again. Now it's coming with 0 infections but still cannot access

Please give feedback on all suggestions, mine included :)
Eng. Nidal KamalInformation ConsultantCommented:
Good day,

I agree with Expert comment McKnife , by logging with a different user on this machine, then try to browse from within the new user.  

If that doesn't work, try to download and install this anti-Malware works with Kaspersky. Use full scan and look at the results.
Byas_SahaAuthor Commented:
Did not get any reasonable solution. I had to re-image the machine. All working good after that. Thanks for all the inputs though.

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It would have been nice to write if you tried the suggestions at least. Did you try another user profile?
Byas_SahaAuthor Commented:
@McKnife - Yes, I tried but that didn't help.
Byas_SahaAuthor Commented:
I had to find my own solution by reimaging the computer.
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