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How to auto purge mail to keep latest one month mail of a replica?

Have a lotus database mail.nsf replica replicate at domino server  A,B and C  version 8.5. How to set auto purge to keep only latest one month mail for the replica at server c but not affect the replica data at server A & B?
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I think it's a bad idea to use a replication formula to reduce the number of documents in a database (replica). The main reason is this. Say the user normally replicates with A in order to have a complete local database, and for some reason Notes replicates the database with C instead of A. Suddenly many documents in his local replica will disappear. When Notes is reconfigured to replicate with A again, all those documents will return in his local replica. That will cause a lot of network activity.

What exactly do you need this for?

Alternative solution: set up archiving, using a scheduled Compact task in a Program document. My personal mail database (on the server) is 100 Mb or so, while my mail archive is several Gb. Archiving is a standard feature of Notes, would that be a solution?
Any news?
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Thanks, i use the space saver option to resolve the issue