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Is it possible to replace hyperlinks in a worksheet using the Date Modified info of a file?

I have a worksheet with 11366 lines.
Each value in column B is hyper linked to either a xls, pdf or a tif file.
Each row of data and hyper links are automatically created with a macro.
Column A contains a date and time that the file was created.
The time will be correct within about 3 seconds

For some reason the hyper links for the pdf files and xls files are ok but the tif files are not always correct.

I would like to recreate the hyper links to the tif files with a macro that looks in a specified folder and matches the date and time in column A with the "Date Modified" of the file, and creates the hyperlink in column B.

Format of date in column A is "03/02/2016  14:10:27"
Microsoft Excel

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