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I'm trying to both add a local user account and reset the local admin account across my domain.  I understand that I can no longer do this via Group Policy Preference.  From what I'm reading most people are accomplishing this through powershell commands then dropping the commands into their logon script.  I'm pretty weak with powershell, can someone assist me with this please.
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Manager - Infrastructure:  Information Technology
You don't need powershell, you could use a batch file:

Adding Local User Account
net user username password /add
(i.e. net user jdoe P@ssw0rd /add)

Resetting Administrator password
net user username password
(i.e. net user jdoe P@ssW0rd)

Adding user to group
net localgroup groupname username /add


Thank you that worked, but the only issue is the user logging in needs to be a local admin to the PC otherwise it won't work as they don't have permission to add users or reset admin accounts, is there a way around this?
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information Technology

What you could do is create the script, create a computer logon GPO and it will run the script at computer logon (i.e. computer power on).  Below is instructions on how to create a computer logon GPO:

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