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I would like to embed a filename, including worksheet name and cell locations, in a cell and then refer to that cell in "vlookup." Is this doable?

Suppose I want to run vlookup on a file name that changes every day.   I need to manufacture the filename based on the date, which I can do.  Now I want to refer to that file's name in the vlookup funs.  Howe would I do this.
For example I want to execute =vlookup(p16, [xyz_20160202]sheet1!a1:d1000, 2, 0).   However the name of the file xyz_"datestring" is constructed and put in cell d2.   So for instance D2 = [xyz_20160203]sheet1!a1:d1000.

I want to be able to call vlookup as

=vlookup(p16, D2, 2, 0) ,.,, but I can't get it to work.   can you think of any other way to softcode the name of the file?
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