Some, not all emails have disappeared from user's deleted items folder.

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A group of emails disappeared from a user's deleted items folder.
He had 2200 emails in his deleted file, and now it shows 1600.  From 1/5/16 - 1/22/16 are gone.  Older and newer emails remain.
I was able to get them back from the "recover deleted items" but that doesn't explain why only some emails have disappeared from his deleted items.  He said this has happened in the past.  We are on Outlook 2010 Exchange and we do not use Email Retention.  

Any ideas?
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gilnovSystems Administrator

Rhetoical question: why are there 2200 items in the deleted items folder?
Never mind...I've learned by now that the answer to that sort of question is usually looking in my spare parts drawer.

If the missing missives were present on the server but absent on the client, it might be due to OST corruption. Switch off cached Exchange mode, quit Outlook, delete the OST associated with the Outlook profile (%appdata%\Local\Microsoft\Outlook by default for office), switch cached mode back on, launch Outlook and give it enough time to rebuild the OST before closing Outlook or shutting down the computer


Great Answer!  I didn't think of the OST.  I'll try that and let you know.  

As to the 2200 emails.  He's a lawyer and therefore he does.  :).  

Thank you!

I would also look and see if they got transferred out to another folder by accident.  Seen that before.  Actually the other day.  A user deleted his whole inbox, all 50k emails.  In his attempt to fix, they were put into a clients folder, took a bit, but I found them and transferred them back.  

Always amazing what an end user can accomplish.
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gilnovSystems Administrator

Ha! Lawyers and their email. I feel your pain. Just for fun, ask what he would do if he ever had to produce all those not-quite-deleted messages. It's more fun in person b/c you can see the color leave the face.
Top Expert 2016

That's funny, since corporate lawyers are always wanting to have us reduce the length of our retention policies.. You can't e-discover what's not there anymore.
gilnovSystems Administrator

Exactly, David Johnson! My guess is Selma's atty is the kind who generally is on the side that reviews produced emails, never considering that the tables may one day be turned.

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