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Moving Cash Receipts from One Checkbook ID to Another


Someone in our A/R department accidentally posted receivables cash receipts for December and January to one checkbook ID, when they should have posted them to a different checkbook ID.

As far as A/R is concerned, these receipts have been posted and applied to customer invoices (balances), though they have not been moved to history.

On the Bank Reconciliation side of things, these checks are "waiting" to be deposited into the wrong checkbook ID.  Of course, we could use the "Clear Unused Receipts" deposit type to remove these receipts from the Bank Reconciliation module, so that the checkbook balance of the wrong checkbook ID is not updated by these receipts in a deposit.

But, that does not fix the overall issue of receipts having been posted and applied to the wrong checkbook ID.

Aside from restoring a backup and aside from voiding these cash receipts and inputting them to the correct checkbook ID, is there some means through the database tables or some "tool" to move the receipts from one checkbook ID to another?


Microsoft Dynamics

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