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File Server Growth.

Hi All,

I have being giving the task to forecast the rate of growth within our File-Server
currently i am using a trial version of Tree Size Professional to get the total file size of uploads per month from Jan 14 - Jan 16.

from my inputs into Excel  i would like to know how can i get a forecast and also to display a trend graph.

i have uploaded the Excel sheet to give you a better understanding on my layout.

any help would be appreciate
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Dirk Mare
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December 2016 has actual growth (6.4) can I remove it?

Also if I can get the starting GB for Jan 2014. (Total Size)

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Jan 2016 had a total of 4.4 GB uploaded

Dec 2015 had a total of 6.4GB

Jan  2014 had a total of 3.1GB uploaded.

The way your data is grouped tends to imply that you have a similar upload pattern for each MONTH, not across the year.

The problem with this is that many of your months only have 2 data points, so any prediction is unreliable.  Even the ones that have 3 show a trend reversal on the middle month, implying that your uploads don't follow trends.

Please see the attached sheet where I've made sparkline charts for each month, and an overall chart for all the months in chronological order.

The short answer is your data growth is fairly flat, but is unpredictable.
On the excel spreadsheet; December 2016 has 6.4GB of data? I will remove this entry.
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Jan  2014 had a total of 3.1GB uploaded.
meaning December 2013 had 0GB (Zero GB) or please provide the correct amount.

Just trying to establish a starting point for growth

The only conclusion you could draw is that perhaps your summer months May Jun Jul are downward, and the rest are upward, but it's not very reliable...
Hi thanks for the help

here is what i have on Sheet 2 of the Excel Sheet.

i have used the average sum as the function
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Danny Child
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Great help