Access 2013 - Auto Log Out of the ACCDE users

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Is there a way to set up the ACCDE file to automatically log folks out either after a period of non-use or possibly every day at 2:00 a.m.?

Open users are affecting my ability to update/import data.

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Couple different approaches, but whatever you do, it must be built into the app.   Disconnecting a JET/ACE user externally can lead to corruption.

1. Set a "flag" of some type that gets checked every xx minutes.  Do this in a startup form (hidden) with a timer event.  If the flag is set, message the user or do Application.Quit.

 The flag can be anything; a file on disk, entry in a table, etc.

 To help with that, you can place a "resource lock" with the code here:

Resource locking in your applications

2. Then and/or check for inactivity:

ACC: How to Detect User Idle Time or Inactivity

 Again, hidden form, timer event, but now your checking screen.activeform and screen.activecontrol to see if things are changing.

 An alternative to that would be to place "resource locks" when a use does something (like open a form) and then remove them and log that when you do.

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Peter has two free utilities to do this, and has figured *everything* out for you. Comes with sample db.
I turned the Force Shut Down into a full blown forced shutdown that is used daily to close dbs for backup.  I highly recommend these - pick the one that best suits your need.

Inactive Shut Down Control

Force Shut Down
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I built it in VBA.
I have a form that loads hidden as one of the first things the app does.
It has some code
Here's the declarations.
I want things to close at 9 PM
Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Const timeToRun As Date = #9:00:00 PM#
Const DelayFromLastActivity As Long = 5
'minutes of delay

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some OnLoad code, to set a timer interval

Private Sub Form_Load()
If DateDiff("s", Time(), timeToRun) < DelayFromLastActivity Then
    TheInterval = DelayFromLastActivity * 60 * 1000
    TheInterval = DateDiff("s", Time(), timeToRun) * 1000
End If
Me.TimerInterval = TheInterval
DontSkipMessage = True
End Sub

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Some code to quit the application if the timer goes off
I have a message to users when they try to quit allowing a cancel.
They always click the wrong X
Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
Dim response As Integer
If DontSkipMessage = True Then
    response = MsgBox("Did you really intend to quit The Program? Yes to Quit, no to remain in The Program", vbYesNo + vbCritical, "Quit?")
    If response = vbNo Then
        Cancel = True
        If Application.CurrentProject.AllForms("frmStartupScreen").IsLoaded = False Then
            DoCmd.OpenForm "frmStartupScreen"
        End If
    End If
End If
End Sub

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In a code module, I have
Global DontSkipMessage As Boolean
Public TheInterval As Long

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Then in any of the forms likely to be active, I have code to bump theInterval back past 9:05 PM if they are working on the form.
The locations of that code vary because of the nature of the forms I monitor, but it is basically like the OnLoad code.

If this timer event goes off, the app quits.
And the timer event only happens once!
No Timer heartbeat grief.

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