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I have a Windows 10 Pro computer on my domain that rebooted last night automatically.  It appears that Windows update initiated the reboot.  However, I control updates through WSUS and group policy.  The GPO setting is to "auto download the and notify to install" updates (Configure Automatic Updates).  I verified that this setting has been applied on the client by looking at the advanced options in the check for updates page.  

Here is the event from the client that initiated the reboot.
Source: User32
Event ID: 1074
The process C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe (client-name) has initiated the restart of computer client-name on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: Operating System: Service pack (Planned)
 Reason Code: 0x80020010
 Shutdown Type: restart
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Windows 8 and 10 ignore most windows update policies, including "download and notify settings. Once you approve an update via WSUS. windows 10 will install it and reboot as needed. So plan on reboots when approving updates. This is the way udatesnqoek in the 8/10 era.


I find it hard to believe that Microsoft would force this to happen in a corporate environment.  There has to be some way around this.  I do see some local GPO settings on the Win10 client that might prevent this behavior.  However, I don't see these same settings at the (2008 R2) domain GPO level.
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I am yet to find a fix for that.
We run WSUS and I have Windows 10 on my computer.
I have set it to notify but as per comment above, it just ignores it and restarts computer when it requires reboot, very annoying.
Last time it happened, i hard powered it down, breaking the OS and had to restore from backup.
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Check out "Method 5" in this article:

Basically, it says the GP still works but you have to manually initiate a check for updates for it to be applied. I haven't tested this myself though.

Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 have gotten exceptionally pushy and aggressive about their updates. If that setting isn't working quite the way you want it to it looks like Windows 10 at least offers scheduled restarting. I'm not sure if there is a GPO template available for this but it might be worth looking into.

you wont see the latest GPOs concernig Windows 10 until you provide the admx/adml to the domain policy store:


Saschao - Is this installed on the DC's?

its installed on the sysvol of the domain - so yes its on the DCs


backup this folder before -> "PolicyDefinitions"

all admx-files directly and from subfolders only add the language(s) you need (not all)

all admx-files directly to \\FQDN\SYSVOL\FQDN\policies\PolicyDefinitions "overwrite if exists"

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