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Greetings experts!

Here's my situation.  We recently had a new website (Drupal) created for us and it's currently being hosted by the company that developed the site.  I will eventually need to move the site back to our current host, which still houses the old site (also Drupal, if that even matters).

I would like to preserve a copy of the old site before moving the new one over.

Our cpanel is kind of a mess, at least to my inexperienced eyes, as we have multiple domains, remnants of old sites, etc., but this specific site is the root or main domain.

I have cpanel access to both hosts, so I'll have access to the mySQL db I'll need.  I also have FTP access to the new site.  I'm under the impression that's all I'll need.

My rudimentary understanding of what I'll need to do:
1.  Back up old site files and MySQL db.
2.  Export new site db, and import to our permanent host.
3.  Copy over site files from new temp host to permanent host.
4.  Change A record to point to permanent host.

Not that I know exactly how I'll accomplish those feats, but from my initial research those seem to be the steps.

Am I missing anything?  

The good news is that I have a lot of time to solve this, but I'll probably need a decent amount of help.

I know the new site was built on a more up to date version of Drupal.  I guess let's start there, do I need to do any updating on our permanent host to handle the updated Drupal version?

We are using HostGator, linux, cPanel version is 11.52.2 (build 5)...if any of that is relevant info.

Be warned, I'll probably need some of this explained like I'm a 5 year old...this will be my first venture into web hosting/migration/ is often the case, I know just enough to really be dangerous.

Thanks and please let me know if I've let out anything pertinent.
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greetings RyanIrish, , The technical details for moving a web site files and databases to another host can be a rather long discussion. However, changing web hosts is done all the time, and there are steps that you can read about and find info on what you can do. If I were doing a move, I would FIRST, always contact the web host I was moving TO support staff, by phone or support ticket. And ask them about HOW to get another existing web site on their servers. If it is not a slack host, then the support will give you info, about that. Since you are on hostgator, a sizable web hosting agency, you can see some of their docs about moving a site at -

It says that you can get hostgator support staff to move the site for you, if that's what you need. But They usually have things you can read for THAT HOST, to export a database storage, and  transfer site files to hostgator. If you can get their staff to do the move , or help you do it, then it is always better, to have someone with Experience to do it or tell you what you need.


Thanks, slick.

My prior experience with their support wasn't all that positive, so I stopped here first.

I'll see how far I can get with their docs before I need to contact them.
IF you have crap for support then you might need to Change HOSTS, if you have financial interests in your web sites, you can not afford to have poor tech support for your servers.


Yeah...changing hosts is probably a bigger pain in the arse than simply moving a site.  I'm sure I'll be able to fight through it eventually with their support and some help here to fill in the blanks.


I ended up paying to have it done.  Close this, no help was offered.

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