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Terminology defined. Easy Questions

What's defined as a hot-cut?  
-Using existing rack/cables?
-Do outages go hand in hand with hot-cuts?  Or are outages/blackouts defined as operations 'ignoring' the flags that occurring, or is it an actual 'outage'.  

What is swinging? (L3 swing, swing over L3, etc.)
-Is this 'swinging' IP schemas?  Original is, new devices will be  Maybe the schema is the same?  It could mean a lot of things as well, but elaborate!

If ISP is on the call with us, what are some validation commands I should ask for (QoS, MPLS, basic connectivity)?  Please list!

show ip interface brief....etc.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Ken Boone

So the terminology you are asking about is very subjective as to who is saying and what they like to call things.

In general a hot cut is basically a live cut.  There will generally be an outage while things are cut over.

Swinging - not a general term with a specific meaning.  I might use it if we are putting in a new circuit to replace an existing circuit and I would say we are going to swing over to the new circuit.  I might have used the word "swing" instead of "cut" as in cut over to the new circuit.

I have never heard swinging in terms of changing IP addressing.  That is usually referred to as changing your IP addressing ;)

To validate -
Make sure you can ping the connected ISP router, make sure you can ping out to things on the internet i.e. www.google.com,, etc..
Make sure there are no CRCs or errors on the circuit.
Test everything - i.e. web browsing, email, verify your hosted severs if any can be reached from the outside, etc..
Ken Boone

BTW... I didn't reference your outage questions.  An outage is exactly what it says.  Things will be down during an outage.

Can you elaborate on outages? How are things down during an outage? Do they just turn off the power, or power down switches?  If I schedule an outage what exactly happens? what about situations where a building has multiple tenants, networks or shared comm rooms?
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.
Ken Boone

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