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Windows 10 Users Being Disconnected from Server 2008 R2 Network Shares

Hi all.
Domain environment across 3 subnets.
2 DCs in each branch running Server 2008 R2.
File servers in main branch are running Server 2008 R2.
As I'm starting to upgrade users to Windows 10, I'm starting to see some frustrating issues.
The one with the most potential for headaches seems to be users getting disconnected for what seems like no reason at all.
You can have Windows Explorer open to S:\Test\Temp and open a PDF; next thing you know you minimize the PDF and see an error saying you were disconnected from the network drive.
Has anyone experienced this?
We have Exchange 2007 running Server 2003 R2 and don't see any issues so far with W10 users being disconnected from Outlook or anything like that.
While the issue doesn't seem to be related to any particular amount of time, I suppose it is a possibility that there is some type of network time out going on.
Very frustrating...that along with Windows 10 CONSTANTLY changing the default viewers/programs back to what Windows 10 thinks it should be (Ex: Edge to open PDFs, Photos to open images, etc) but that's a topic for another day.
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