How do I fix SVCHOST using so much RAM?

Sue Taylor
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So I'm trying to figure out why this fresh install of W7Pro is operating so slowly. The following SVCHOST is using 1.7GB of RAM and 25% CPU. I realized that I forgot to pop in the product key and activate Windows so I just did that and am rebooting. I'd love to know if you have any suggestions on what else to look at.

svchost.exe 920 AeLookupSvc, Appinfo, BITS, Browser,

CertPropSvc, EapHost, gpsvc, iphlpsvc,

LanmanServer, MMCSS, ProfSvc, Schedule,

SENS, SessionEnv, ShellHWDetection, Themes,

Winmgmt, wuauserv
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A fresh install of Windows 7 with SP1 installed has about 350 updates to install and will take a couple of days.

My guess is that it is still updating and this will cause the symptoms you have. Go to Windows Updates and see what it is doing.
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Svchost, itself does not normally use much RAM.  Rather it facilitates the operation of another file and it is that file which is using the RAM.
Run Process Explorer to see what files svchost is helping to run.

More on svchost
"wuauserv" is Windows Update Automatic Update service, so I think John Hurst is correct, it's likely tied to the newly set up PC installing updates. Let the PC fully update and then see if there's still an issue.
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@ITworks - Thanks and I was pleased to help.

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