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Best Cloud Backup Option

I want to pick one of the many cloud backup services to use for several computers.  

Total backup area required is about 1TB.

I want to backup primary drives and external drives on each of the machines.

I want the backup to work on a schedule.

After reading many reviews, SOS backup solution is the one I would choose but I wanted to check with EE first.

SOS will allow multiple computers on one account and backup external drives.  The price point seems to be best also.  Some of the other packages have similar options but when you add on extra computers and extra storage they actually cost more.

Do any of you have experience, positive or negative with the SOS package?

There are many other players in this game, Carbonite, Drop Box etc... Given my requirements do you think any of these options would fulfill my requirements better than SOS?

Obviously there is not a single correct answer to this question.  I will provide points for responses that help in my decision.
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