Excel - Disabling Menu Floaties inside cell.

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I disabled the right click context menu floaties using " Application.ShowMenuFloaties = True ".

However, I would like to know if the IN CELL menu is possible to disable :

I am aware I can use a hidden textbox or combobox to disable the possibility of acccessing this menu as well. Is there a simple fix for this?

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Go to Excel, Options, Advanced and look through the options.

Down in Display, uncheck function tips, select no comments and indicators.

This is where you find what you want, and you need to try one at a time to see how it might help you.
Here is how you can disable in cell Menu Floaties.
Application.ShowSelectionFloaties = True
Application.ShowMenuFloaties = True

Open in new window

Or Put this in the immediate window and press enter. Now all floaties are disabled.

Shortcut to Immediate Window is Ctrl + G

Application.ShowMenuFloaties = True

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