Dell Precision Windows 10 Intel and Nvidia Graphics card.

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I have a user who is experiencing issues with his display while using CAD. He has a Dell Precision M6800 i7 with 16GB of RAM and an internal Intel video card and also an NVidia. It sits on a Dell Docking station. How does the graphics management work for this laptop, I suspect the system is not using the NVidia graphics card as it should because when I disabled the Intel the screen completely blacked out. Is there a way to take the internal Intel video card out of the picture and only use the NVidia or set the Nvidia as the primary and the Intel as the secondary?
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The high-end precisions all feature a utility called nVidia Optimus which defaults the graphics output for the laptop screen to the integrated Intel GPU - there should be an otion in the BIOS to disable that.  The nVidia control panel software has a similar option but it's more reliably done in the BIOS.

It's meant to make the laptop run more efficiently but at the obvious cost of graphics power.  With Optimus disabled the Intel card will no longer be selected.
Different BIOS but this is the setting you are looking for
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We should start with the question "what issues?".


Thank you!

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