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xp_cmdshell - Access is Denied

A stored procedure includes the following code:

declare @cmdstring varchar(1000)
set @cmdstring = 'move C:\software\test.xlsx C:\Software\MovedTest.xlsx'
exec master..xp_cmdshell @cmdstring

This has worked for a few years, but everything was recently moved to a new SQL Server.  Now when I try to run this code I get this result:

Access is denied.
        0 file(s) moved.

I have done the following:

1.  Make sure I am logged in to SSMS as an administrator.
2.  Enable xp_cmdshell on the server
3.  Create a proxy account and credential
4.  Grant security to xp_cmdshell for my user and for the proxy user
5.  Ensure that my user and the proxy user both have write permissions to the folders involved in the move process

What else must I do to be able to use xp_cmdshell?

Microsoft SQL Server

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