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SQL Server 2005 - SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

I am attempting to relocate our SQL Server 2005 to a different host. The old host/instance was server\traverse105. The new host/instance is traverse\traverse105.

Local use on the actual server 'traverse' works fine. However, attempting to connect from a Windows 7 client gives me the message, "SQL Server does not exist or access denied." I am attempting the connection with a specific login ID, not a "Trusted Connection" (although that gives me the same error).

I've checked the SQL Server Configuration Manager > Protocols for TRAVERSE105 and the IPAll is set to port 1433; named pipes is enabled and set to \\.\pipe\MSSQL$TRAVERSE105\sql\query

I can connect from a Linux host to port 1433 and the same user ID I specified in the Windows 7 client and can connect just fine, so I don't think it's a port or firewall issue.

This same Windows 7 client connected to the other server, SERVER, without problem. If I switch back to "SERVER/TRAVERSE105" it connects OK. I can see no Config Mgr difference between the Config Mgr settings on host TRAVERSE and host SERVER.

Need ideas on what's wrong!
Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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Check the Configuration Manager, look at the SQL Server Network configuration, and check that TCP/IP is enabled.

Check the servers that the SQL Server browser is running.

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Hope you tried the below step during renaming the instance.

sp_dropserver <old_name\instancename>;
sp_addserver <new_name\instancename>, local;

Post which, have you tried executing the below query?

Did you get the correct instance name on executing the above query?
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Thanks for the feedback. David Todd: yes, TCP/IP is enabled and the browser is running. As mentioned, I can query this database from linux using the configured port, but I get the described error on the Windows computers. One thing to note, the Windows computers are trying to access this database using ADP/ADE files which are part of a package, Traverse. There is no problem with access from the server hosting the SQL Server database, just from other WIN7 workstations -- and yes, they access the old SQL Server just fine.

geek_vj: No, I did not do the sp_dropserver/sp_addserver procedures.

When I do the query SELECT @@SERVERNAME AS 'Server Name';  on the server itself I do get the correct name: TRAVERSE\TRAVERSE105. I also get this name correctly when I run the same query on the Linux computer.

Further note, when I run the TravPa.ade program on a client Windows workstation I get the error, "Access is unable to connect to 'OSH2011' database on the 'traverse\traverse105' server. Make sure that the database still exists and that the server is running."

Even if I use the sa user, I get the "Server does not exist ..." message.
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I figured it out.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is a suite of relational database management system (RDBMS) products providing multi-user database access functionality.Component services include integration (SSIS), reporting (SSRS), analysis (SSAS), data quality, master data, T-SQL and performance tuning. It includes support for managing XML data and allows a database server to be exposed over web services using Tabular Data Stream (TDS) packets encapsulated within SOAP (protocol) requests.

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