Cell Visualy look blank but ISBlank() function return false

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I have a cell looks blank in the spreadsheet, but when I use ISBLANK () to test, it returns FALSE and when I use ISEMPTY() tot test it returns #NAME?.

How should I test it?
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If your cell has formula and the result of formula is blank then using function isblank results false. Isempty is used in VBA.

Try this to test the cell.


ISEMPTY() is not  a formula. This is why you have #NAME?

 ISBLANK() will tell TRUE if the cell is really empty but if you have an empty space in it, it will tell you FALSE
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you can also use =LEN(A1) to see if it contains some non-visible text, and also TRIM can be useful:

I've even copy/pasted datasets into Word and used Find/Replace there as it's more powerful (can search for end-of-line characters "paragraph marks" with ^P, and use ? as a 1-character wildcard, and also * as an all-character wildcard, for instance).
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One of the more interesting initiatives the Excel team has taken on in the past year is soliciting ideas for improving Excel...from the user community. They do this in the UserVoice set of webpages.

As it happens, one of the suggestions is a function that can be used to test whether the cell is truly "virgin" in the sense that there is nothing in it, not even an empty string =""

If you like this suggestion, please consider voting for it. The more votes a suggestion gets, the higher it rises in the Microsoft's prioritization of what to do. https://excel.uservoice.com/forums/304921-excel-for-windows-desktop-application/suggestions/9095062-give-us-a-proper-null-worksheet-function



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